EAIT International Scholarships

Online Application Form for Scholarships Commencing Semester 1, 2023

Last day for applications is Sunday 11th December, 2022.

Scholarships are based on academic merit and only students who receive an unconditional offer will be eligible to be shortlisted for the EAIT International Scholarship.

Fields marked in red are mandatory.

1. Scholarship
2. Student ID

You must have lodged a UQ application form for international admission and have received a UQ student ID number to apply. If you do not yet have an ID number please do not submit this form until you have one.

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6. Previous Study
7. Intended Program of Study and Start Date

Which UQ program have you applied for (please include the plan if known) – eg: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electrical Engineering)? Which Semester and Year do you intend to commence?

8. Personal Statement
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